About Us

About Proforma Global Sourcing

Hi, I’m Michele Adams, President & CEO of Proforma Global Sourcing. I come from a long lineage of solution providers. My grandparents provided solutions in the steel, railroad, and healthcare industries. And my father provided solutions in the promotional products industry. That’s why it came as no surprise when I carried on my family’s legacy of providing solutions in my own career path, which started in 1985. 

In 2001, I started Proforma Global Sourcing, and ever since, our team has been providing solutions by sourcing and procuring products to clients across the country on a daily basis. 

Creating Solutions During Coronavirus

When Coronavirus hit American soil and we learned of the shortage of civilian and medical-grade PPE supplies that were desperately needed in the United States, we knew we had to intervene. After all, we’d been sourcing and procuring products in China for more than 35 years and we had established relationships with the most reputable manufacturers in the country. Our team rallied around a shared vision to create a solution in the midst of a global pandemic, and a new division of Proforma Global Sourcing was born.

Client needs, manufacturing capabilities, importing/exporting requirements, and global political relations were changing on a near-daily basis. But our team was committed to overcoming every obstacle that presented itself; as far as we were concerned, it was (and always will be) our professional responsibility.

The Proforma Global Sourcing Difference

Working only with factories who produce PPE products that have earned FDA (Food And Drug Administration) approval and CE certifications, and when necessary, passed NIOSH (National Institute For Occupational Safety And Health) filtration tests as required by the CDC (Centers For Disease Control And Prevention), within just a few weeks, we sourced, procured and delivered more than 7 million certified civilian grade masks to Starbucks with 30,000 locations and 300,000 employees globally (with more on the way). In addition, we provided tens of thousands of first responders in the state of Connecticut with nitrile gloves.

At the same time, PPE sales reps started popping up everywhere overnight. The problem? Most of them had no idea how many people, steps, and logistical details are encountered between receiving a purchase order and delivering products to a customers’ doorstep. It wasn’t long before we began hearing stories about counterfeit PPE products being distributed and hundreds of millions of dollars in good faith deposits being submitted only to never arrive. Meanwhile, millions of people went without the personal protective equipment they needed on a daily basis.

This never happens to our clients because we have an extensive list of checks and balances in place including:

  • independent third party testers with medical equipment manufacturing experience authenticating all products at the manufacturing plant
  • a partnership with a charter company that has planes registered in China. This is important because those who don’t have planes registered in China—and many don’t—cannot actually leave China. And since planes from the United States are not currently permitted to land in China, this makes procuring PPE supplies quickly impossible for most companies—but not us!
  • an enormous logistics team in place—in both China and the United States
  • …and so much more.

Our Promise To You

While none of us know what tomorrow holds, we do know this. The world will be different on the other side of Coronavirus. For now, rest assured we’re committed to protecting the people in your organization and beyond with authentic, FDA-approved N95 respirators, face masks, surgical gloves, hand sanitizers, surgical gowns, and countless other PPE supplies needed to keep you safe on a daily basis. We’ll continue expanding our product offerings, building relationships with more people who know how to get things done, and strengthening our relationships with our existing 45 factories, 55 suppliers, and 103 subcontractors so you have what you need, when you need it.